The difference between a new account and a new relationship.

The following is an excerpt from a Jeffrey Gitomer article:

The power of sales is not selling or making the sale. The power of sales is building trust, value, and relationship to earn referrals, testimonials, and the next sale. The power of sales and selling is building reputation and market dominance, whether it's local or global.

If you're looking to build a successful business, it doesn't start with sales and evolve to "satisfied" customers (unless you're still selling in 1985). It starts with relationships and builds to loyalty.

Here are the elements that will HELP you move toward (add in a word?) relationship:

-The value of friendly. How friendly are you?
-The value of enthusiasm. How enthusiastic are you?
-The power of belief. How deep is your belief in your company, your products and services, and yourself?
-The power of a first impression. How excellent is your first impression?
-The ability to engage. Dialogue, not monologue. How much does your customer talk in your sales presentation? How compelling are your questions?
-Tell me what you CAN do - not what you CAN'T do. Create a (sincere) positive atmosphere.
-Tell me how I profit and how I win. Customers want to know what's in it for them.
-Uncover the real customer buying process. If you know how they buy, it might help you get to the real decision maker.
-Uncover their motives and reasons for buying. Why they buy is a million times more powerful than how to sell.
-What's your "toaster" offer? What's the incentive (beyond price) to buy from you?
-Reducing risk. If the risk is too high, I will stall, object, or lie ("We spent our whole budget") to get rid of you.
-View the customer from the other side. What does ownership of your product or using your service look like to them?
-Get to know your customers. How do they use your product? How do they profit? What are their obstacles to success? What are their goals? How can you help them achieve?
-Building loyal relationships means taking loyal actions. How do you respond to their service needs?
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